The secular world spends millions of dollars to reach the Millennial Generation and Generation Z with their products, ideals and social agendas. For too long the church has surrendered to the strategy and the investments of the world system. The church has embraced the lie of poverty. The church believed the god of this world had more money, resources, creativity, ability, talent and innovation than the GOD WHO IS THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING.

We have decided we will not give that away in "RECLAIMED! Discover Your Purpose. Change The World." We will take a seat second to no one. We have been given the assignment to take the Good News of His Kingdom to America and specifically to this Last Generation. We have the vision to illustrate the imagination and the heart of the Creator of all humankind. We will do that through most innovative & advanced technology available today. With over-the-top stage design, LED walls, video mapping, live performance, VFX and special FX, innovative audio design and more we will show the world WHO God is and WHAT God can do!

As you know, this is expensive. The creation budget is $4.5 million dollars. Surprisingly, it is the biggest, most expensive faith-based production ever created. But we want to do more! The people deserve it!

In 2010-11, Lady Gaga spent £138 million just to re-arrange her setup for the Monster Ball Tour. She eventually reached 2.2 million fans and $250 million in revenue. In 2015 Taylor Swift Produced her most expensive tour to-date called the 1989 World Tour. Some estimate the tour costs roughly $100 million to produce. The tour became Swift's highest grossing and most attended tour to date, mobilizing 2,278,647 fans and $250,733,097 revenue. It was the highest grossing tour in the world in 2015.

Why would God's people settle for anything less. When we take all limitations off God it's absolutely amazing what He will do! decided to create YouVersion. It would be the first Bible App ever launched on the iTunes platform in 2008. They raised nearly $60 million dollars to put this App out. They now have hundreds of versions available in over 900 different languages! The Ark Encounter, a ministry of Answers in Genesis, raised over $100 million dollars in bonds and donations to produce a life-sized Noah's Ark attraction. In their first year alone they had nearly 1.1 million visitors. The Museum of the Bible will open in November of 2017. They raised $500 million to build a 430,000 sqft. building just blocks away from the nation's capitol. In 2016 they had an income of $169 million to accomplish this great vision. Highlighting the history of the Word of God they hope to reach millions with the reality of WHO the CREATOR of the Universe really is. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOD'S PEOPLE GO BIG! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE TAKE THE LIMITS OFF HIS VISION!


  • We don't have a day to waste. This is an urgent time and we believe this is a message and a way to reach the last generations. Be obedient to what God says. He has given you the assignment to join us in getting this done! Your gift or invetment may be what we are waiting for.

  • Contact us about Seed & Preferred Investment opportunities with our for-profit company, Reclaimed Studios, Inc.

  • BECOME AN ANGEL FUNDER by giving to Bryan McKnight Ministries! Each Donation is tax-deductible up to 50% of your annual income according to the current IRS code. 100% will go into the production budget.

  • It is our goal to put 10-20%  of all monies received into a transition fund. This would accommodate the expense between the end of production and the first Tour Date.

  • A portion of all proceeds goes to help St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and the A21 Campaign that works to fight human trafficking, including sexual exploitation & trafficking.