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Are you ready to disrupt the entertainment mountain?

So are we!


Times have changed. Technology is advancing so quickly we have to purchase new phones and computers every year just to keep up. Today, we can present ideas & imaginations on stage like never before!

So we decided it was time to dream as we'd never dreamed before! If we were going to recreate, renew, redeem & restore why not do it in a way the world has never seen!! Why not create an arena stage production where you can experience the show in surround vision, surround sound & surround touch! SO we did!

We created a show just for this generation!!! We know young MIllennials (25-32 yrs), GenZ (11-24 yrs) & even the emerging Alpha generation (0-10 yrs) are smart, tech-savvy, get instant answers at the click of a button & get bored really quick!


Reclaimed is FAST! Fast tempo. Fast reveals. Fast music. It's a show that elicits awe & wonder. It causes the audience to make quick decisions like which direction to look so they don't miss a thing!

Reclaimed is BIG! Big LED walls (& a lot of them too!) Big lights.Big lasers. Big special FX. Big stunts. Big production. Really, everything we did with Reclaimed is BIG. From our expectations for each person to experience an unbelievable night to the virtual trip through space that will amaze everyone.
Reclaimed is Innovative & Original! Innovative special FX. Original music. Innovative immersive experiences. Original storyline. Innovative fan interaction. Original experiences. At Reclaimed we intentionally took the familiar things everyone likes & made it better with innovative methods to create an original experience!


In order to do this right, it takes money. A LOT of money!

  • CGI & moving animation spread across a 24' x 120' LED Wall (& many more smaller LED walls)

  • A full cast of musicians, actors, dancers, acrobats & DJ's

  • Original Scoring & Composition

  • Innovative & Original Special FX

  • Support Crews, Designers, Directors,  & More

It takes a lot of work & a lot of people to make a show this big and bring it to market! The enormous amount of cast, crew & designers is huge. RECLAIMED is also an original production in so many ways and innovation doesn't come cheap!

We always thought Reclaimed was absolutely exciting! But we weren't always sure others would find our "baby" as pretty as we did. But we knew if people really liked it, they would give it a green light by supporting it & promoting it. We decided there was no better way to find out if our "baby" was ready for the world to see her than by offering a Crowdfunding invitation to other passionate Creators to join us in the vision!


We decided if we were going to ask you to support us in this vision, we would do it right!

​Become a Reclaimed Producer!

​This campaign is Phase 1 of a two-phase fund-raising campaign.

​We have already invested seed money into research, development & creation of the Reclaimed Production. But we needed more ideas. Original ideas. That's where you come in! We are inviting you to join our team as a Producer!

​In the entertainment world, Producers are the people who help create & finance ideas. We believe the best creators are passionate people just like you. We think you know what you like and if you invest in what Reclaimed Studios is doing it must be worthy to move forward.

The next step is to click on the Crowdfund button below and get started! Thank you for joining us and welcome to the Production Team!

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