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We plan to launch the tour in the Fall/Winter 2019. We hope to do 100+ dates across the U.S. through May 2020. We then plan to be available for Festivals and Conferences in the summer 2020. Contact WHY Productions asap for information on booking the tour for your venue.



The "I Found Out Why" Tour is designed to be both Immersive and Experiential. Due to the size of video walls, rigging, illusions, special FX and design, we are limited to venues with a stage large enough to facilitate the tour. Typically a stage should be 40' wide by at least 25' deep. Contact us with any questions or concern about you venue.



The "I Found Out Why" Tour uses the latest technology to help stimulate the imagination, engage the audience and create a sense of awe & wonder at every moment. Augmented Reality, Holographic Illusion, Special FX, Video Interaction, CGI Characters, Video Mapping a little bit of magic, world-class music and a message of Hope & Purpose all come together to truly create a one-of-a-kind experience!


Bryan & Tom are committed to bringing Hope and Purpose to each person who experiences the "IFound Out Why" Tour first-hand. But they are also committed to bridging the gap with that same Hope & Purpose across the globe. WHY Productions LLC will donate a portion of all proceeds from every event to St. Jude Children's Hospital and Save The Storks, who partner with local pregnancy resource centers.

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