RECLAIMED! Is a stage touring production designed for large arena venues & produced for the young Millennial, GenZ & the Alpha Generation. We have created an indoor music festival environment designed to host safe experiences for anyone who attends. It tells the story of hope & redemption while incorporating the most innovative & advanced technology available for stage productions. It has been designed & written to encourage a clean atmosphere while also inviting the audience to celebrate out loud! Because we have intentionally designed Reclaimed to be a connection & community beyond the show, you will discover opportunities to encourage & lead others to discover whom their divine Creator purposed them to be.


RECLAIMED! is written & produced to reveal the heart the imagination of our divine Creator through an immersive & interactive format. Through live actors, dancers, singers, original music, CGI characters, interactive animation & multi-sensory experiences, video mapping & more, the Story will come alive in one of the most unique, bigger-than-life productions ever created. RECLAIMED! sets a new standard for drama & production across all genres. This is a new way to experience music & hope!


RECLAIMED! sets a new standard by utilizing the latest technology & innovation available in the entertainment and stage production industry. Giant LED screens, multi-sensory technology, immersive set design, laser projection, augmented reality, interactive CGI animation, virtual reality, audience, interaction and more. It is truly like nothing you have ever before seen or experienced.