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RECLAIMED! Is a stage touring production designed for large arena venues & produced for the young Millennials, GenZ & the Alpha Generations. Using the latest technology, we blur the line between reality & virtual reality by creating a cinematic musical event the audience interacts with instead of just watching!  Reclaimed tells the story of the ancients, creation, hope & redemption while incorporating the most innovative & advanced technology available for live productions. Our mixed reality, will leave the audience in awe & wonder of the experience they just encountered!

RECLAIMED! tells a story. this isn't just another EDM and Music Festival or concert. Reclaimed utilizes Real Talent!!! Actors, Musicians, Acrobats and more take the stage to deliver one of the greatest Mixed-Reality Dramatic experiences to have ever been experienced in the United States. Reclaimed tells the story of Creation, the Ancients, the Cultures of Humanity, the Battles of Earth and a phenomenal Finale' showing the Hope, Unity & Love of being Reclaimed!  


RECLAIMED! sets a new standard by utilizing the latest technology & innovation available in the entertainment and stage production industry. Giant LED screens, multi-sensory technology, immersive set design, laser projection, augmented reality, interactive CGI animation, virtual reality, audience, interaction, extended reality and more. It is truly like nothing you have ever before seen or experienced.


RECLAIMED! is written & produced to reveal the heart and the imagination of our Creator. We wanted to utilize the largest LED Walls available while layering our stage and venue with LED Curtains, Video Mapping & 3D LED Projection to create an actual Surround Vision for our audience! Because of this vision, there was no way we would just through motion graphics on our screens! So we are creating a Cinematic Production that will draw the audience into the experience and give them the platform to actually feel like they are a part of the story! 




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