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(This is the vision. We are currently building, sharing, encouraging & praying that this is what it will look like one day. As it develops we know it will change, adapt and take on the personalities of those involved. But this is the core of the vision. If you would like to be a part of this movement from its first beginnings, give Bryan a shout today! )

  • A collective of individuals & churches who help others discover their purpose in life.

  • Our purpose is to reach the Last Generation with the message of God's heart for their greatness. It is to empower them through the Word of God to see themselves the way God sees them! We want to engage, do life with and awaken the last generation to Discover their Purpose & Change the World!

  • It is to help the local communities of faith imagine and dream with the last generation.

  • It is to facilitate a great awakening.

  • It is to help the Last Generation discover their unique purpose in the BLESSING and find their place to express that purpose. It is to help enlarge their belief and capacity in what God says is possible, is really possible!

  • We value God's truth, forgiveness, grace, uniqueness, diversity, creativity and innovation. 

    1. ​​We look at God's Word as God's will.

    2. Understanding God's forgiveness over our lives is at the core of living RECLAIMED! In Jesus, we have a brand new today and great tomorrow. Faith in Him takes care of everything else.  Learning to be forgiven is essential to living in peace, joy and unity with others.

    3. Grace, unmerited Favor, is at the heart of RECLAIMED! Knowing God's goodness is given and shared strictly because of His love for us, is essential. It is freely given through Jesus. You can't buy it, earn it or manipulate in any way to get it. Grace is given by God and He expects us to give it to others.

    4. Uniqueness and Diversity are celebrated in the RECLAIMED Network. Our differences is what makes us strong. Not every one likes the same things, dreams the same way, looks like each other, or laughs at the same stuff. We believe that is the way God intended for it to be. The vast difference of the individuals in God's Kingdom is what will change the world when they are united under the banner of His love and BLESSING.

    5. ​​Creativity and Innovation are at the heart of RECLAIMED! Everything we do should be looked at and evaluated for the opportunity to do it bigger and better. While simplicity is appreciated, imagination is celebrated! Original and new is what will put a crease in the bookmark of history!

  • ​Ultimately, the Reclaimed Network wants to stretch out across America and collaborate with churches and individuals to facilitate a great awakening in the local church. It is to share the Good News of God's Kingdom with an innovative new channel of creativity and innovation. It is to connect new believers in Jesus to a digital & real network of other people who are discovering who they are and how they can change the world. It is to create virtual and real-life communities to walk with this Last Generation for the long haul. Finally, it is a place where can we come together to dream, imagine & bring to life effective ways to reach the Last Generations with real hope in Jesus!

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